Title: The Last Tycoon

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 196

Rating: 4/5

This book is interesting because it’s the last book that Fitzgerald wrote, and so in some ways it was like the epoch of his career. It’s a shame that it was never properly completed, because I think that it would have been really something, though apparently also a lot longer than Fitzgerald was expecting it to be.

It did suffer a little bit because of being incomplete, but the editor had done a pretty good job with it and it was still well worth reading because of the philosophies and stuff that it contained. It was an interesting look at a moment in time, and I particularly enjoyed Fitzgerald’s use of the word “reefer”.

It’s probably not the best for a casual reader, and even if you’ve already read The Great Gatsby, I’d probably recommend going for something like The Diamond as Big as the Ritz before you get to this. It’s a good one for completionists though, and because it’s pretty short, you can read through it in just a day or two. Cool.

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