Title: Baltic Comics Magazine #27

Author: David Schilter and Sanita Muizniece

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 162

Rating: 3.5*/5


David Schilter and Sanita Muizniece - Baltic Comics Magazine #27

David Schilter and Sanita Muizniece – Baltic Comics Magazine #27


I picked this up during my recent visit to Latvia and I have to say, I actually picked it up on impulse because it was published in English and had a super kawaii cover.

What’s interesting is that it pulls together a huge range of graphic styles and includes authors from all over the world, and while I did pick up occasional poor English and didn’t love all of the illustration styles, I’m so glad I read it just for the sheer psychedelia alone.

Some of the stories were so weird that I had no idea what was going on, and when I did know what was happening, it was still pretty odd. But I’d recommend picking up an issue of this delightful magazine if at all possible, even if you don’t get this one. It’s quirky, different.


Baltic Comics Magazine Issues

Baltic Comics Magazine Issues


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