Title: Creative Blindness and How to Cure It

Author: Dave Trott

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 222

Rating: 4/5

To write this review properly, I should write in short sentences.

You see, Dave Trott has a unique writing style in which he tells a story through a bunch of short paragraphs to hold on to the reader’s attention.

Along the way, he taps into the real world stories of a bunch of people who challenged the status quo in some way and overcame creative blindness.

For example, there’s a mechanic who suffered from prostate cancer and wanted more men to get checks. He knew that statistics alone wouldn’t convince people, so he offered male customers 20% off their MOT if they had their prostates checked.

Not by him.

Another example comes via America, where Californian girl scouts wanted to sell more cookies. Weed had recently been legalised, so they set up shop outside dispensaries.

The good thing about this book is that Trott doesn’t tell you how to think, instead opting to show you, which indeed is the lesson behind one of his stories.

The navy didn’t believe a new type of engine could be as effective as it was until they saw a ship with it winning in a tug of war.

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