Title: Yes Man

Author: Danny Wallace

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 406

Rating: 8/10


Danny Wallace - Yes Man

Danny Wallace – Yes Man


You might have heard of Yes Man because of the movie adaptation starring Jim Carrey, in which Danny Wallace himself had a brief cameo in a bar scene. This book is the original deal, and it tells the true story of what happened to Danny Wallace when he decided that he wanted to say ‘yes’ more. As usual, there are plenty of hilarious and unintended consequences.

Wallace is a natural non-fiction writer – he has a gift for language and for comedy, and it means that there’s a lot of fun to be had along the way. It almost feels as though you’re along for the ride with him, and so you almost get to experience his adventures first hand.

I’m not going to go into the story line itself, because with a book like this, it’s more about the journey than about the destination. And actually, it’s easy to see how ‘saying yes more’, like Mr. Wallace was advised to do by a stranger on a bus, would be a great way of trying to live your life a little more. In fact, I’ve tried to do this myself on several occasions, with varying levels of success – what you can’t deny, though, is that it does at least force you to try new things and to embrace new experiences.


Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace


I’ve always been a fan of Danny Wallace’s, and I’ve read almost all of the books that he’s released. I wouldn’t say that Yes Man is his best, but it’s still well worth reading – it’s also a pretty good introduction to his work, although I think that Join Me is still my overall favourite. But in many ways, you can’t compare the two, because they’re both equally good standalone books, and they’re both equally fun to read, just in different ways.

So overall, I’d recommend this book to pretty much anyone, because Wallace’s sense of humour is broad enough to appeal to people from all walks of life. If possible, read the book before you see the movie, but don’t worry too much if you do it the other way round. I just don’t think much of Jim Carrey, although at least in Yes Man I was watching him play a person who I do have a hefty amount of respect for. Go forth and read Danny Wallace.


Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace


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