Title: Indisputably Doris

Author: Charles Heathcote

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 256

Rating: 4.5/5


Charles Heathcote - Indisputably Doris

Charles Heathcote – Indisputably Doris


This is the second book in Heathcote’s Doris series, and I loved this one just as much as I loved the last one, if not more so. Here, septuagenarian Doris Copeland faces competition at the local Women’s Institute and her long-suffering husband ‘arold has to support her as she gets into all sorts of unfortunate situations.

Indisputably Doris builds on the previous book but could also be read as a standalone, although I’d recommend reading both books anyway and so you might as well read them in order. The plots of the books might not sound particularly interesting at first glance, but they’re interesting to our Doris and that’s all you need. The joy of these books comes from watching how she tries to get her way through the cynical eyes of our ‘arold.

Charlie has a great sense of humour, and he uses it like some sort of evil villain with a superpower here. The result is a book that I didn’t want to end and which did a great job of keeping my spirits high when life was stressing me out. There’s just something comforting about these books, and that’s probably the way that Heathcote is inspired by old comedies like Keeping Up Appearances. It’s feel-good, laugh out loud funny and just a pleasure to read. I definitely recommend this one, especially if you want to support an indie author. Great work, Mr. Heathcote.


Charles Heathcote

Charles Heathcote


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