Title: Doris Ahoy!

Author: Charles Heathcote

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 156

Rating: 4/5

Charlie is back with book number 2.5 in his Doris trilogy, and boy, is this a good one. He’d been thinking about just including it as a bonus with the third book, but I definitely think it stands alone as a decent little novella in its own right.

Here, Doris, ‘Arold and grandson Theo are all on a cruise ship and gearing up to enter a dance competition. It’s written with Charlie’s inimitable brand of northern British humour, and I was even weirdly pleased to see Doris and ‘Arold settle down in the bedroom in this one. It was very tastefully done, but it’s rare that you read about old people having sex in books. So you could theoretically start with this one – or you could start with Our Doris and work your way here.

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