Title: A Christmas Carol II: Contagion

Author: Charles Dickens and Bruno Vincent

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 218

Rating: 3.5/5

This book is written by Bruno Vincent, who I mostly know for his entertaining spins on the Famous Five books in which they’re quitting the booze or going on strategy away days, and this book is very much in a similar vein except it reimagines Dickens with a horror twist.

Presented as a sequel to the original A Christmas Carol, we re-join Scrooge in the midst of a zombie invasion in Victorian London. He teams up with an American guest who brought a bunch of heavy weaponry with him, and together they go off to tackle the zombie hordes while rescuing a fair maiden and teaming up with a mad scientist and his hapless servant.

It was a fun, easy read with some pretty cool illustrations to go with it, but I was expecting to enjoy it more than I did. I’m not sure if t hat’s really something that I can blame Vincent for though, because he set himself a pretty hard task to begin with by taking on such a beloved book and then adding zombies, which everyone knows are super awesome. And I’m still glad I read it.

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