Title: 30 Days of Vegan

Author: Catherine Kidd R. D.

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 266

Rating 3/5



It’s possible that I’ve been a little harsh on this book, just because I didn’t use it as intended. The idea is supposed to be that you follow the meal plan inside of it for your first thirty days as a vegan, and so I imagine it was released to coincide with Veganuary. That’s probably why I was able to pick up a cheap copy of it on sale in The Works.

Instead of following the meal plan, I just went through it to figure out which recipes I was interested in and then I methodically went through it and picked out the ones that I wanted to try. When it comes to cookery books, I don’t consider them to be finished until I’ve tried every recipe that I’m interested in, and so it didn’t take me too long to read this one.

There were a few decent recipes here, but most of them were either uninteresting or they didn’t turn out so well when I tried them. I reckon I kept maybe 5-10% of them to go into permanent rotation in my master list of recipes, but that isn’t bad.

So if you’re vegan or you’re thinking of going vegan, it can’t hurt to give this one a try. You could even follow the meal plan, which is designed to cut down on waste and minimise preparation time. It’s up to you, just go eat something vegan.



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