Title: Facebook for Dummies

Author: Carolyn Abram

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 318

Rating: 6/10


Carolyn Abram - Facebook for Dummies

Carolyn Abram – Facebook for Dummies


When you read a ‘For Dummies‘ book, you get what you expect – a complex subject covered comprehensively in such simple language that a novice could easily understand it. And that’s the problem…

See, Facebook as a platform is so intuitive and easy to use that all but the dumbest dummy can figure out how to navigate the site without any help. Of course, I work in social media, so I’m biased – however, the point still stands. Facebook for Dummies only really covers the basics, from adding a profile picture to posting your very first status – something that my grandmother figured out how to do without the help of a book.


My Grandmother, Heather Clarke. I took this from her Facebook page, where she'd successfully uploaded it to without a book...

My Grandmother, Heather Clarke. I took this from her Facebook page, where she’d successfully uploaded it to without a book…


I’m not saying that it’s not a good read – I mean, I enjoyed it, and I didn’t learn a thing. It’s well-written, and the Dummies style of illustrating warnings, technical information and key points to remember is as useful in Facebook for Dummies as it is for any other book in the series. I just think that, on this occassion, they oversimplified it just a little bit too much.

For example, an entire chapter is dedicated just to the messaging system – to be fair to Abram, there are multiple entry points to most of Facebook’s features, but detailing them all in long paragraphs is unnecessary for all but the most novice Facebook user.





On the plus side, the chapter on privacy settings would come in handy for even the most seasoned Facebook user, and privacy is a hot topic in the rapidly expanding world of the internet and social media.

But is it worth reading? Not really – it’s largely a lesson in common sense, and with the pace that Facebook rolls out updates and design tweaks, it might not even be that for long. It’s your choice.


The Dummies Man

The Dummies Man


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