Title: The Horse and His Boy
Author: C. S. Lewis

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 176

Rating: 2/5



This was not very good at all, and it’s now got me a little bit worried about the remaining four books in the series. I’m no longer excited to continue, especially when you consider that my favourite so far has been The Magician’s Nephew. The first was the best and it’s been losing a little steam ever since.

I can’t even really tell you what this one ended up being about, other than that it starts with a talking horse befriending a boy and ends with a big battle. Other than that, it’s just a whole lot of not much at all going on and a bunch of characters that I didn’t care about. The only chapter that I actually enjoyed was the first one, which is a little bit of a bummer. Oh well, hopefully the rest of the series moves onwards and upwards. We shall see!



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