Title: Engage!

Author: Brian Solis

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 316

Rating: 6/10


Brian Solis - Engage!

Brian Solis – Engage!


I’m not going to lie – Brian Solis let me down. He’s a well-respected social media marketer, and I’d heard good things about his book, but I just can’t bring myself to rate it as highly as the books that were released by some of his contemporaries.

The sad fact is that Engage! has aged much more than many other social media marketing books, perhaps because Solis placed too much importance on specific social networks – sure, he does agree that the message is more important than the medium, and some of his lessons in planning and deployment are well worth reading, but his work makes for tedious reading and, to be honest, he doesn’t say anything which hasn’t been said before.

And that’s not to mention the typos – there are a shocking amount of mistakes scattered throughout the pages, more than you see in some self-published works. If you’re the sort of person who isn’t bothered by that then it might not be such a problem, but each time I spotted one it stopped me in my tracks.


Brian Solis

Brian Solis


In all honesty, though, it’s still a good book – it just pales in comparison to some of the other social media marketing books that are out there, some of which were written earlier and yet have stood up to the test of time. There are lessons to be learned and diagrams to be studied, but you’ll find nothing here that you can’t find online or written about elsewhere, with more aplomb.

Which is a shame, because Solis is a highly competent marketer and a great thinker and doer – he’s just more of a marketer than a writer, and that’s okay. Either way, good marketers seek inspiration everywhere, and when you’ve read everything else you can find then you should read this too.


Brian Solis Quote

Brian Solis Quote


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