Title: A Fall of Moondust

Author: Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 208

Rating: 4/5

The first thing to mention about this one is that the blurb does a terrible job of selling the book, but if you can get past it then you’re actually in for a bit of a treat. Here’s why.

A Fall of Moondust tells the story of what happens to a ship full of people who sink beneath the sands on the moon and who end up trapped. We can see the rescue efforts in real-time as they’re happening while we simultaneously get to see what’s going on underneath the sand as the people on board try to come to terms with what’s going on.

The result is an intriguing little novel that has all of the tension of Andy Weir’s The Martian, and with just as much science behind it. The difference is that it was written fifty years earlier, and it still holds up nicely even though we know more about physics now than we did back then.

Clarke has more famous books out there of course, and I do hope to get to them eventually. But in the meantime, this was nice.

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