Title: Kaddish and Other Poems

Author: Allen Ginsberg

Type: Poetry

Page Count/Review Word Count: 99

Rating: 8/10


Allen Ginsberg - Kaddish and Other Poems

Allen Ginsberg – Kaddish and Other Poems


In this stellar little collection of poetry spanning the years 1958-1960, you can tell that Ginsberg is tripping balls – in fact, it includes poems titled ‘Laughing Gas‘, ‘Mescaline‘ and ‘Lysergic Acid‘. The three poems that follow, completing the collection, were written “to record visions experienced after drinking Ayahuasca, an Amazon spiritual potion,” according to the author.

Howl and Other Poems is the best place to start with Ginsberg – read this next, and you’ll be a full convert.


Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg


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