Title: Plays #1

Author: Alan Bennett

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 336

Rating: 4/5

As this is a collection of four different plays, it seems as though the best way for me to review this one is to share my thoughts on each of the individual plays that it contains, so here goes.

Forty Years On: I’m a little bit of a history nerd and so there was a lot here for me to like. I also liked the way that it used a play within a play, although that’s probably because I like meta stuff in general. It’s probably one of my favourite Bennett plays so far, so yeah!

Getting On: My favourite thing about this play was all of the great stuff in there about socialism and the difference between socialists and conservatives. Given Bennett’s upbringing, he’s in pretty much the perfect place to make comments on both of them, and it was refreshing to read an older play with political undertones that still holds up well today. And some of the lines made me laugh out loud.

Habeas Corpus: This was probably the weakest of the plays in the collection that I read it in, at least in my opinion. It just didn’t feel as though much was happening, although there were some cracking bits of dialogue scattered throughout it. I wouldn’t say that it’s worth going out of your way for it.

Enjoy: Another cracking little Alan Bennett play, this one focusing very much on private life and what goes on inside the walls of a family house. There’s some super interesting stuff here and a lot of humour, including a memorable scene where the family isn’t sure if the patriarch is dead or not. Even with an erection.

All in all, it was a cracking little collection of plays and I’m glad I picked it up. I’m looking forward to getting to some more Alan Bennett sometime soon, especially if these are representative of him.

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