Title: The Witness for the Prosecution

Author: Agatha Christie

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 292

Rating: 3.75/5

This is another book that’s kind of difficult for me to review because I didn’t technically read it, although I already have, sort of, half. Basically, because of some crossover between the UK and US publications, there are a bunch of Agatha Christie titles with overlapping stories in them. When that happens, I tend to just read whichever stories are new to me.

In this case, the only stories that are new to me are from a collection called The Listerdale Mystery, and so I’m just going to read that instead because there are also some stories in that which aren’t here but which I still need to cross off. It’s all very confusing.

Still, of the stories that I have read, they were pretty enjoyable. I guess my question to a potential reader would be why read this instead of any of other collection. The main attraction for me is the title story, but I’ve already seen that as a play and read that previously as well. It is a cracking story though, and so this is worth picking up just for that.

Still, I don’t know if I’d proactively recommend it. I think there are so many other Agatha Christie short story collections to choose from that it’s almost overshadowed, relying too heavily on the title story. I do love Christie as a short story writer, but then I think Miss Marple’s Final Cases is her best short story collection, and you can’t exactly start with that. Other than that, I guess it’s a decent enough collection, even if you can find all the bits elsewhere.

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