Title: The Body in the Library

Author: Agatha Christie

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 192

Rating: 4/5

This book basically came about because Christie wanted to write something in which she explores the stereotypical murder mystery device of there being a body in the library. Of course, with Christie, there’s not really any such thing as normal, and so you’re in for a treat if you settle in for it.

I was also in for a nice surprise here because this was a Miss Marple book and Marple is my favourite of Christie’s detectives. I thought I’d already read them all and so to discover that I hadn’t was a nice little bonus, because I’ve always loved Marple and she’s always a pleasure to read.

My only real complaint here is that there wasn’t enough of Jane, but then there never is. Still, the core murder was interesting enough to keep me gripped and I loved the small town vibes of St. Mary’s Mead.

So if you see this going spare in a charity shop or otherwise get a chance to read it, go ahead.

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