Title: The Paradise Snare

Author: A. C. Crispin

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 306

Rating: 7/10


A. C. Crispin - The Paradise Snare

A. C. Crispin – The Paradise Snare


Here’s a book I can get excited about – Crispin is an excellent writer (from what I’ve heard on the Twittersphere), and she certainly does justice to the ever-expanding universe of the Star Wars franchise. I’m sad to hear that she passed away – I didn’t know, I must’ve missed the announcement. She tweeted me once, a lovely lady and a gifted novelist.

The Paradise Snare is the story of the young Han Solo (and the first book in a trilogy that tells the tale), and it’s a powerfully emotive work that shows you a whole new side of Solo – indeed, it shows you how he became the man that he is at the start of the first film. I always found Han to be one of the most enigmatic and charismatic characters in the whole Star Wars ensemble, and it was a pleasure to learn more about his origins.

In all honesty, when I first picked this up I expected it to be terrible – I’ve read enough bad novelisations to last a lifetime, and it’s always a risk for an author to breathe new life in to someone else’s characters. With my hand on my heart, I can say that she did Han justice – he’s amazingly alive, about to pop out of the pages to go blasting down your hallway on the trail of his first love, Bria Tharen.

If you’re a serious Star Wars fan then you should read this book – it’ll change the way you look at things forever, and that’s no bad thing. A good book changes you forever, leaving its indelible mark somewhere upon you – this book delivers that and more and leaves you longing for the sequel, as it should.


A. C. Crispin

A. C. Crispin


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