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Neil Gaiman – Fortunately, the Milk | Review

Title: Fortunately, the Milk

Author: Neil Gaiman

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 161

Rating: 4/5


Neil Gaiman - Fortunately, the Milk

Neil Gaiman – Fortunately, the Milk


I always find Neil Gaiman’s books to be a little hit and miss, but this was definitely one of the hits for me. It’s a cute little children’s book with illustrations from Chris Riddell that could easily be autobiographical.

It basically tells the story of a dad who nips out for a pint of milk for breakfast and takes forever to get back. When his kids ask what kept him, he tells them a story about “globby green aliens, intergalactic police, pirates and angry volcano gods demanding human sacrifice”. It’s cute, and the illustrations really add to it and make it much more enjoyable.

I’m not a child and so I guess I’m not the target audience, but I do think that most children would love this. It’s just a shame that he wasn’t popping out for vegan milk instead.


Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman


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Sally Rooney – Conversations with Friends | Review

Title: Conversations with Friends

Author: Sally Rooney

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 330

Rating: 4*/5


Sally Rooney - Conversations with Friends

Sally Rooney – Conversations with Friends


Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book for free to review as part of my position on the Young Writer of the Year Award shadow panel. Click here to find out more about that.

I got super excited when I started this book because the characters were into stand up poetry, and I run a spoken word night of my own every month in the town I live in. It’s certainly true that several of the characters here are writers or poets of some kind or another and so we get to see a glimpse of the literary world, but that turned out to be more of a secondary plot behind the overall story.

The problem for me was that I struggled to relate to the main story line, which is about a young woman who has an affair with an older, married actor. The way that the characters acted was consistent with their personalities, but it made me dislike them. And I feel bad about saying that because much of their dialogue is taken from the author’s conversations with her own friends – hence the title.

The good news is that it’s well-written, and the fact that it’s written in first person actually adds to the story line and doesn’t just feel like it’s been done for the sake of it. The bad news is that I struggled to relate to it, but I think that’s partly because I’m not the target audience.

I usually don’t bother to look up reviews for books I read, but I did for this one and I found them to be pretty accurate. It’s a little predictable and it’s drawn out at times, but it’s the kind of book that might suit you well if you’re sitting on a beach. And while I gave it a 4* rating, I rounded up from 3.5.


Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney


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