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Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel | Review

Title: Clockwork Angel

Author: Cassandra Clare

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 496

Rating: 2.75*/5


Cassandra Clare - Clockwork Angel

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel


I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what I didn’t like about this book. Perhaps it’s the fact that I disliked the majority of the characters (and that I also agreed with criticism I’ve heard before that Cassandra Clare just reuses her characters). Perhaps it’s because it’s supposed to be set in Victorian London but it still felt very American, with only the lightest description. I felt like I was being told that it was set in Victorian London, rather than being shown it. I think Clare was trying to tap into the steampunk trend with this one, but I don’t think she did it very well.

Perhaps it’s the fact that very little happens other than a big scene in the middle where there’s suddenly loads of action and then nothing again. Perhaps it’s the fact that as the reader, you’re supposed to give a damn about the “love story” between boring Tessa and dickhead Will. I just kind of hoped that one of them would die as I thought that might make it more interesting, but that didn’t happen.

I also got annoyed with the number of people smashing into rooms through windows. In the last Cassandra Clare book I read, it happened four or five times. It happened two or three times here, and it just irritated me. She had a few lines of dialogue attacking French people as well, which I’ve noticed in previous books. Nothing too serious I guess, just throwaway lines that imply that French people are all arrogant and that they’re all waiters, but it’s just not necessary.


Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare


Ultimately, the previous Cassandra Clare books I’ve read have been like eating McDonald’s. They’re not fantastic, but they’ll do the job. This one was like eating cold McDonald’s after it’s been left on the side overnight. It made me wish that I’d just had a salad instead, it’s not worth the calories. In each of the books that I’ve read so far, I’ve felt as though it’s 100 pages longer than it needed  to be. This one could have been cut down to a novella if all of the fluff was removed and we just got on with the story.

So as you can probably guess, I wasn’t too impressed with this one. In fact, the only reason I’ve got this far with Cassandra Clare’s books is that I’m buddy reading them with some YouTube friends. The problem is that the best of them so far have just been okay. With three okay books and one bad one, I’m just not sure if I want to keep going. I was hoping at least one of them would have been “good” by now. I’m going to have to have a think about it to decide whether I even want to keep going. It’s a big time commitment and I have other stuff to read.


Cassandra Clare Quote

Cassandra Clare Quote


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Michael-Israel Jarvis – Osric Fingerbone and the Boy Murderer | Review

Title: Osric Fingerbone and the Boy Murderer

Author: Michael-Israel Jarvis

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 278

Rating: 5*/5


Michael-Israel Jarvis - Osric Fingerbone and the Boy Murderer

Michael-Israel Jarvis – Osric Fingerbone and the Boy Murderer


Disclaimer: The author of this book is an indie writer friend of mine. However, I’ve done my best to be impartial and to provide an honest review.

I thought this book was excellent, and the best of the three books that Jarvis has on the market. The others are more likely to be of interest to die-hard fantasy fans, while this book has a mainstream appeal – it’s a little bit steampunk, a little bit young adult, and it reminds me of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, except with more of a sense of humour.

In this book, we follow young Edward Sax, who runs away from home after killing his abusive uncle, and Osric Fingerbone, the charismatic ne’er-do-well who dwells in the under city and seems to know about all sorts of interesting subjects, from alchemy and assassination to the import of a new illegal drug which bad people are using to do bad things.

I’m not going to go too far into the story line, but what I will say is that while it’s gripping and highly imaginative, it’s also easy enough to read and understand. The look and feel of the book, as well as the layout and the pagination, makes it feel like a professional release, even though Mr. Jarvis is an indie writer, and I powered right through it in just a couple of days. It was a lot of fun, and I’d totally recommend it. So what are you waiting for? It’s recommended by me!


Michael-Israel Jarvis

Michael-Israel Jarvis


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