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Bill Bryson – The Road to Little Dribbling | Review

Title: The Road to Little Dribbling

Author: Bill Bryson

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 390

Rating: 4/5

This book is subtitled More Notes from a Small Island, and so as you can expect, it’s pretty much the natural and spiritual sequel to Notes from a Small Island. Arguably Bryson’s most successful book, that one charted his experiences as an American who’d moved to the United Kingdom and then spent a bunch of time travelling around it.

Since then, he’d moved to America and then presumably back to the UK again. It’s kind of hard to tell with Bryson sometimes because I don’t necessarily read his books in publication order and it’s my understanding that he’s headed backwards and forwards here and there. The good news is that I enjoy him most when he’s writing about the UK, possibly only because I live there and so it’s easy for me to picture the things that he’s writing about.

I also think that Bryson has continued to mature as a writer over the years. It’s not that his style has changed, but he has tightened it up a little bit and I think this book benefits because of it. He’s perfected the art of narrative non-fiction and has the knack of writing super engaging informational books on pretty much any topic he tries his hand at.

I will admit that from time to time I’ve found that Bryson’s humour can grate on me, but that’s okay because it wasn’t a problem here. I think it really depends upon his headspace at the time, because when he came across as petty and vindictive, he was having a pretty tough time of things while travelling across Europe.

Overall then, I enjoyed reading this one and would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of Bryson’s travel writing and stuff. If you’re new to him, though, I’d probably go for Notes from a Small Island to begin with, although this wouldn’t be a bad place to turn to second. And so all in all, it’s a cracking book and I enjoyed it a lot, despite it being my second Bill Bryson book in as many weeks. He hasn’t started to get old yet, at least if we’re talking about my opinion of his books. Looking forward to more!

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Louis Alan Swartz – Constructed of Magic | Review

Title: Constructed of Magic

Author: Louis Alan Swartz

Type: Poetry

Page Count/Review Word Count: 190

Rating: 7/10


Louis Alan Swartz - Constructed of Magic

Louis Alan Swartz – Constructed of Magic


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

Well, now – this is a tricky book to review. On the one hand, I quite liked it at times, especially when Swartz wrote in free verse; on the other hand, there was also quite a lot of cliché. Rhyming poetry always smacks of cliché to me anyway, and then there’s the fact that Swartz uses words like ‘thee‘, which is never good – I don’t understand why you’d artificially add words that you just wouldn’t say. It’s usually a pretty good sign that the author is writing in imitation, rather than with originality.

It’s also a fairly spiritual book, which isn’t really my thing – that said, I have read a few books in the genre here and there and I have to admit that this is easily one of the better ones. I’d say that the poetry is also of a higher standard than almost all contemporary poetry I’ve been sent – bonus!





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