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Isaac Asimov – Where Do We Go From Here? (Book #2) | Review

Title: Where Do We Go From Here? (Book #2)

Author: Isaac Asimov

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 200

Rating: 3/5

This book was interesting enough, as most Isaac Asimov books are, but it’s also true that he was a better writer than he was an editor and so I would have preferred a collection of his own short stories as opposed to those by other authors.

Still, there are some decent enough shorts in here, and we also have an introduction by Asimov and a little additional context on what we’re reading thanks to his notes on each story. Perhaps more unusual was the fact that he also included a bunch of questions for his readers to try to answer. Some of them were so intense that I couldn’t even understand the question and would have had no hope of answering.

Overall, this is probably the weakest of the Asimov books that I’ve come across so far, and even a contribution by both himself (a story I’d already read) and Arthur C. Clarke wasn’t enough to save it. Glad I read it, but I won’t re-read and it was eh.

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Carson McCullers – The Haunted Boy | Review

Title: The Haunted Boy

Author: Carson McCullers

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 58

Rating: 4/5


Carson McCullers - The Haunted Boy

Carson McCullers – The Haunted Boy


This might sound like a collection of horror shorts, but the haunted boy here is haunted by something that he’s seen. It’s hard to describe the style but I enjoyed the stories in the collection. So yeah.


Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers


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