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Agatha Christie – Crooked House | Review

Title: Crooked House

Author: Agatha Christie

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 192

Rating: 3/5

Unfortunately, this isn’t Christie at her best. That kind of surprised me, because my edition includes a little introduction in which she says it’s one of the few books of hers that was a pleasure to write from start to finish. It seems to be one of the ones that she’s most proud of, but I just thought it was predictable.

This is especially true when it comes to who the murderer was, which was pretty easy to guess purely because it’s a trope that she’s used elsewhere throughout her oeuvre. There was some great characterisation, but then my favourite character also ended up being the first murder victim, so there’s that.

All in all, I was disappointed by this one, and while I am glad that I’ve read it, I can’t imagine that I’ll be going back to it any time soon. Christie just has so many other novels to choose from, and this one just seemed to drag despite being one of her shorter ones. Read at your peril.

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Stephen King – Cujo | Review

Title: Cujo

Author: Stephen King

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 352

Rating: 4*/5


Stephen King - Cujo

Stephen King – Cujo


This is one of King’s earlier novels, but that doesn’t mean that there’s any loss of quality. The only thing that really means is that it’s a little shorter than some of his later works, but that’s a good thing if you don’t want to commit yourself to IT or The Stand.

In this book, we follow what happens when a rabid dog – a 200 pound St. Bernard – finds itself loose in a small Maine town. It’s almost less of a horror and more of a suspense novel, although it has elements that you might recognise from both genres. It defies categorisation, which is par for the course for a Stephen King novel and much to be expected.

I liked this book a lot, although I did think that it suffered from the same flaw as many other Stephen King novels in that it came to an end too quickly. That said, it actually worked, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried a longer ending and found that the shorter one read better. That’s partly because there’s a twist there, and it creeps up on you and hits you in the gut when you’re least expecting it.


Stephen King

Stephen King


Overall then, this is far from my favourite Stephen King novel, but it is still undeniably a classic that stands up well to the test of time and which has a place on every afficianado’s bookcase. You don’t need to be a Stephen King fan to enjoy it, either – it helps, of course, but Cujo would be a badass book no matter who wrote it.

I find it interesting to imagine what it must have been like back in the day when King was first making it as a writer. I wonder if they were as quick to recognise his star quality or whether he had a fight on his hands. Regardless, he proved his point with early releases like this one that cemented his reputation. Most authors would kill to have written this – myself included. Read it.


Stephen King Quote

Stephen King Quote


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