Title: Primordial Soup

Author: Grant Naylor

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 166

Rating: 4*/5


Grant Naylor - Primordial Soup

Grant Naylor – Primordial Soup


This book is a collection of the scripts to some of the fan favourite Red Dwarf episodes, so if you’ve ever seen the cult favourite sci-fi comedy show then you should know roughly what you’re letting yourself in for. And if you haven’t then I’m not really sure what you’re doing with this book.

Included here are the scripts to Polymorph, Marooned, Dimension Jump, Justice, Back to Reality and Psirens, and you also get a bunch of photographs of the cast and crew – although most of them are just stills from the show. What I found most interesting of all was the fact that I was able to spot a few differences between the script and the finished show because I’d grown up with it.

Overall then, this isn’t for everyone, but if you like Red Dwarf then you’ll love this. That’s all I have to say.


Grant Naylor

Grant Naylor


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