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Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg – The Positronic Man | Review

Title: The Positronic Man

Author: Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 226

Rating: 4.25/5

When I ordered this book online, I didn’t realise that it was co-written and thought that it was just an Asimov novel. Then, when I picked it up, I was wondering whether I’d be able to tell which author wrote which parts based upon their voices. That didn’t really happen, and it just read like Asimov’s novels.

I believe it’s also based on Bicentennial Man, which I think I’ve read at some point, but it was long enough ago that I couldn’t remember anything. That meant that other than knowing that it was a robot novel, I went in pretty blind.

That’s actually not a bad shout, and I can give you the information you’ll need to decide whether to read it without too many spoilers. It basically follows a robot who starts to take on ever more human qualities and who eventually tries to prove to the world that he’s a person, even while admitting he’s not a human.

The most interesting parts here are the bits which deal with morality and questions of what exactly it is that makes someone human. That’s where Asimov is at his best, and he really shines here even if it’s actually Silverberg. It doesn’t matter.

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Tao Lin – Shoplifting from American Apparel | Review

Title: Shoplifting from American Apparel
Author: Tao Lin

Type: Fiction/Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 112

Rating: 4/5



I happened to see online that this book has a bunch of negative reviews, but I’m not surprised by that. Tao Lin is somewhat controversial in that he’s a bit of a Marmite author – you either love him or you hate him. As for me, I’m a fan of what I’ve read, and I really enjoy his quirky writing style.

This one’s interesting because it’s almost like his equivalent of On the Road. It’s definitely heavily influenced by the author’s own life, and that’s fine by me.


Tao Lin

Tao Lin


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