Title: A Gun for Sale

Author: Graham Greene

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 242

Rating: 8/10


Graham Greene - A Gun for Sale

Graham Greene – A Gun for Sale


Graham Greene had a knack for thrilling writing that left you turning page after page until you reached the end of his work in some sort of whirlwind of emotion and surprise. This book is no different, a fantastic tale of a murderer for hire who goes on the run after being betrayed, the sort of subject matter that Greene had experience with and an area of fiction in which he was more than proficient.

This is actually one of Greene’s earlier novels, released in 1936 only seven years after his debut novel, but he’d already matured in to a fascinating writer with a gift for capturing detail and a unique knack at writing dialogue. The characterisation is fantastic, particularly in the case of Raven (the protagonist), and the locations are believable even when you realise that they’re not necessarily grounded in reality – the closest we get is the fictional town of ‘Nottwich‘, which is clearly modeled on Nottingham.

Overall, it’s tough to find a reason not to recommend A Gun for Sale, but I also know that it isn’t for everyone; however, if you love a good spy thriller every now and then, you should go out and grab a copy at all costs. Otherwise, you can take it or leave it – I heartily recommend that you take it.


Graham Greene

Graham Greene


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