Title: Book of Longing

Author: Leonard Cohen

Type: Poetry

Page Count/Review Word Count: 231

Rating: 9/10


Leonard Cohen - Book of Longing

Leonard Cohen – Book of Longing


Book of Longing is one of Cohen’s more recent releases, a collection of poetry and sketches that he made during his later years. It also contains one of my favourite Cohen creations – ‘My Guitar‘. It’s quite simple, really – a sketch of the poet’s guitar, accompanied by: ‘My guitar is so beautiful, sometimes I wish I could play it.’

It’s a great place to start if you’re new to Cohen’s work, and even veteran readers of his incomparable poetry will still find some hidden gems to add to their collection. In fact, it’s probably the best Leonard Cohen book that I’ve ever read, and while I haven’t read all of his work, I’ve collected a sizable amount.

Much of the book was written at a Zen Monastery on Mt. Baldy, where Cohen was living at the time, and it’s this weird mystic shit that writers do that I love – that’s why I’m such a fan of people like Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Even Graham Greene, one of my favourite authors of all-time, was a bit mental – he played Russian Roulette against himself and won.

Do yourself a favour and buy a copy of this book – I promise you won’t regret it. Leonard Cohen isn’t going to disappoint you.


Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen


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