Title: The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers

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Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 506

Rating: 7/10


The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers


Now, I should preface this by warning you that I can’t drive, and I’ve never even taken a lesson – truth is, I’d love to be able to drive, but I could barely afford lessons – even if I did manage to pay for lessons and pass my test, there’s no way I’d be able to buy, tax and run a car on top of my existing extravagant (I wish) lifestyle.

That said, a man can dream, and I do plan to get out on the roads one day. I’ve read most of the DSA’s books now in some sort  of vague preparation, and I have to say that they’re pretty good – this book, for example, contains every multiple choice theory question that you can possibly be given, along with the correct answer and a brief explanation of why that’s the case.

Weirdly, I feel like I learned more from this than from any of their other books, despite the fact that the others were more linear and contained much more detail. I suppose it was just enlightening to see how many of the answers I knew – I always thought that I knew next to nothing, but I was wrong. A lot of it is just common sense, and I must have learned something from the earlier books, too.


DSA: The Driving Standards Agency

DSA: The Driving Standards Agency


But the beauty of this book is that even if you don’t know the answer, you can have a stab at it and, if you’re wrong, learn the right answer (and the reasoning behind it) straight afterwards – you don’t even have to flick through to an answers section at the back of the book, which is often a problem with books like this. 10/10 for usability, then.

My copy also contained The Highway Code, although I didn’t bother reading it as I’ve read it separately as a stand-alone edition. There really is everything that you need if you’re hoping to pass your theory test, including a competition to win a free car – unfortunately, it had already ended by the time that I got round to reading it. In fact, the downside to my edition was that the questions were only valid until 2010, which means that new questions might have since been introduced that I received no preparation for.

But still, you’ll learn about everything from stopping distances and brake lights to road signs, warning triangles, trams and pelican crossings. As far as I’m aware, literally every possible driving scenario was included, from driving on the motorway to driving with a trailer – in fact, it even combines factors, asking what to do in the event of driving with a trailer on the motorway.

It’s also split in to neat sections, so that if you know that you’re weak in an area, you can revise it. I’ll be needing that, whenever I come to re-read it before taking the real thing. Drive on!


The eventual goal...

The eventual goal…


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