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Peter James – Twilight | Review

Title: Twilight

Author: Peter James

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 322

Rating: 2/5

By this point I think you can safely call me a Peter James fan, even if that’s mainly for his Roy Grace series of detective novels. This here is one of his earlier books, and in a weird way it gives me a lot of hope. I just didn’t think it was very good at all, and seeing how much he’s grown as an author makes me think that hurray, perhaps there’s hope for me too.

I think my problem here was mostly with the dialogue, because the descriptive stuff wasn’t too bad. I just couldn’t get on board with the characters and the way that they talked. Pretty much all of the dialogue throughout ended up just pulling me out of the story, and if it was any other author, I wouldn’t have bothered to stick with it. But because it is Peter James, and because I plan to eventually read everything that he’s released, I ended up going with it anyway as a bedtime book, just to tick it off.

So as you can probably tell, I wouldn’t really recommend this one, but I would say that Peter James is worth reading, especially if you like crime stuff. Even if you don’t, The House On Cold Hill makes for a pretty decent horror story, and so he does have plenty there in his back catalogue for you to check out. Just maybe pick up something a little bit more recent than this one.

Really, that’s all there is to say here. The characters weren’t great, the plot was forgettable even as I was reading it, and it was a struggle for me to just make my way through it to the end. I’m glad that I’ve finally finished it now, but I’m not going to revisit it any time soon. So yeah, there’s that.

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Pam Elise Harris – Oblivion | Review

Title: Oblivion

Author: Pam Elise Harris

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 478

Rating: 7/10


Pam Elise Harris - Oblivion

Pam Elise Harris – Oblivion


Disclaimer: While I am to be unbiased and purchased this book with my own money, Pam is also my editor. Full disclosure!

This review is going to be a tough one, because I have a lot of respect for Pam because I’ve worked with her on my own books and her input is invaluable. In fact, that brings us onto the first positive – the book is impeccably copy edited, as you might expect from her, and much more professionally so than most of the indie books you’ll find on the market.

At first, I found it difficult to get into it, but once I stuck with it and started to get an idea of who was who, I got into the swing of things. We follow the stories of six students at Highgarden Academy, a leading New York theatre school, as they try to get their careers on track. And it’s clear that the world of theatre (as well as Doctor Who, which gets referenced throughout) is important to the author, with the level of description clearly coming from someone who’s writing from the heart and drawing on a wealth of knowledge of how things are done in the theatre biz.

I found it hard to relate to some of the characters, but perhaps that’s because it’s such a different world to the one I live in, and it’s not that they weren’t believable – if anything, they were too believable, but they just weren’t my kind of people. That’s with the exception of Chris and Leanna, of course – but I won’t say any more than that because I don’t want to spoil the story line.


Pam Elise Harris

Pam Elise Harris


There’s a fair amount of romance here – more so than is typical for the books I usually read – but it all works and is believable, and it’s a nice little compliment to the overarching story line which follows each of the actors as they they spend their careers in oblivion, which you’ll learn more about when you read it. The formatting was strange, though – there were spaces between each of the paragraphs which seemed unusual and threw me off a little, but that’s more of an aesthetic preference than any problem with the book as a whole.

Overall then, this maybe isn’t the right book for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. If you fancy a cheap trip to New York or have an interest in theatre, or even if you just like a contemporary read with a smattering of romance and a heap of interplay between the different characters, then maybe this is your book. Plus Pam is an indie author and sales are always appreciated, so check it out or tell a friend. Oh, and say hi to Hope for me.


Pam Elise Harris

Pam Elise Harris


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