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Irvine Welsh – Porno | Review

Title: Porno

Author: Irvine Welsh

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 486

Rating 4/5



This is a heavy old read, but what else would you expect from Irvine Welsh? In fact, because the print in this thing is so small, it felt as though it was longer than it was, so I ended up reading it over the course of a month or so, 25 pages at a time in bed. It’s pretty weird bedtime reading, but it was also a good way of doing it because it meant that the story unfolded in real time.

This is the book that the second Trainspotting movie is based on, and indeed it is a sequel, at least in that it follows the same characters. In this one, Sick Boy decides he’s going to make a porn movie, and we follow what happens as he starts shooting and editing the thing. Renton comes back from Amsterdam to help with the funding, and Begbie has been released from jail and is out for blood and vengeance.

There was good and bad to this, but I think that the good mostly overpowered the bad and made this one worth reading. My main complaint with it would be the ending, and even then it’s not as though I didn’t like what happened. It’s more that it felt rushed, especially the last ten pages or so, but then I’m also not sure I could have kept on reading it for too much longer.



What I did like is that we get to see a whole bunch of familiar faces including “Juice” Terry Lawson, who’s one of my favourite of Welsh’s creations. I also feel as though there were one or two minor characters that I’d come across from Welsh’s short stories, although I couldn’t swear by that. He builds these super realistic worlds which are arguably so realistic because he grounds them in our reality.

So all in all then, I was pretty happy with this one, although as I said, it’s not one that I’d recommend going into lightly. The tiny print and the Scottish dialect combine to make it a challenge, although Welsh also does a good job of spacing out the dialect-heavy sections with other sections that are written in regular English. These sections also allow us to see what’s happening from a few different points of view, and that’s cool because it allows us to get a different take on what’s happening.

Would I recommend this? Sure, if you’re an Irvine Welsh fan, but you ought to read Trainspotting first. I also don’t think that they’re the best of Welsh’s books (my favourite is Marabou Stork Nightmares), so it’s not exactly the perfect place to start. But if you’re a fan of Welsh’s writing then you’re going to get more of what you love here. And I’m glad my cat picked this out.



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Ruth Ball – Rebellious Spirits | Review

Title: Rebellious Spirits

Author: Ruth Ball

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 262

Rating 4/5



Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

If I have one piece of advice going into this book, it’s for you to stick with it. That’s because I wasn’t too convinced by the first twenty pages and so I switched it out and made it my “bedtime book”, which means I decided to get through it bit by bit before going to sleep. Then I actually picked it up and enjoyed it so much that I switched it out as my main book and ended up reading it in a day.

It’s basically just what it claims to be: the true story of smugglers, illegal brewers and other “audacious tales of drinking on the wrong side of the law”. It’s well-written and well-researched and while I did spot a couple of typos, I could live with them. In fact, I thought the overall editing was pretty tight apart from that, and it certainly didn’t make it any less of a book. Even the cover is excellent.

So all in all, whether you’re a drinker or not, I’d definitely suggest giving this one a go. I particularly liked the way that it took us through British history, making it easy to understand the different laws and taxes and the effect that they had on the average man on the street. Ball also includes the true stories of literally hundreds of different people from both sides of the law, and she stays neutral throughout, which is what you need from non-fiction. Good stuff!



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