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Stevyn Colgan – Joined-Up Thinking | Review

Title: Joined-Up Thinking

Author: Stevyn Colgan

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 254

Rating: 8/10


Stevyn Colgan - Joined-Up Thinking

Stevyn Colgan – Joined-Up Thinking


I first heard about Stevyn Colgan after a friend suggested that I should invite him to be a speaker at the writers’ group that I’m organising. He’s a local writer who’s attained a certain level of success, winning praise from Stephen Fry and Q.I. creators John Lloyd and John Mitchinson – in fact, Colgan went on to become an Elf on the show, a term that’s used to describe their researchers.

Because of this, I already knew quite a lot of the facts that Colgan includes in the book – many of them were recycled and used within the show, and I’ve watched every episode multiple times. That said, it didn’t really matter, because Colgan’s point here is that everything’s connected – he’s effectively using the six degrees of separation with facts.

For example, he may begin by explaining how to hypnotise a chicken, then relate that to chicken nuggets, then relate that to the gold rush, then relate that to the song Gold by Spandau Ballet, and then it might transpire that the lead singer for Spandau Ballet (Tony Hadley) keeps pet chickens.

Now, that’s a hypothetical example, and Colgan is much better at making links than I am, but it does illustrate how the book is laid out. In fact, every single chapter, including the final chapter which houses the acknowledgements and dedications, is written in a loop. Must’ve been challenging to plan, but it’s well-executed.


Stevyn Colgan

Stevyn Colgan


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Kevin H. Nalty – Beyond Viral | Review

Title: Beyond Viral

Author: Kevin H. Nalty

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 286

Rating: 9/10


Kevin Nalty - Beyond Viral

Kevin Nalty – Beyond Viral


If you’re into YouTube, and especially if you were part of the community in its early days, then you’re probably already aware of Kevin Nalty, although you might know him as Nalts. At the time of writing, his YouTube channel has 228,000 subscribers and his videos have 284,000,000 views, and so this is clearly a guy who knows a lot about online video.

In this book, Kevin Nalty, who’s been described as “the only career marketer who doubles as one of the most viewed YouTube comedians”, reveals his wisdom on what makes a video take off, and what you can do to work in a bit of Nalts magic into your own videos. It’s easily the most comprehensive book about online video that I’ve ever seen, and perfect for digital and social media marketers.

See, the author doesn’t dwell too much on how to actually make a video – after all, his own videos are hardly professionally shot – but he does tell you what you need to consider if you want people to proactively search out and watch your videos. Nalts has posted around a thousand videos himself, and he’s pretty good at engaging with his subscribers – this is coming from a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

Of particular interest is what he has to say about working with influencers such as himself – brands can often foot the costs of production or offer a flat out fee to work with successful YouTubers, so long as both the creators and the brands fit together well. It’s something I’ve done myself at work – with great success, too!


Kevin Nalty

Kevin Nalty


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