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Peter James – Dead Man’s Time | Review

TitleDead Man’s Time

Author: Peter James

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 504

Rating 3.75/5



Dead Man’s Time is another installment in James’ Roy Grace series in which we follow the Brighton-based detective as he investigates a crime spanning 90 years. It all goes back to a murder that took place in New York City in 1922, and I quite liked the way that the two different time periods came back together, especially towards the end. It was kind of anticlimactic in a way, but it was also the only real ending that could have happened.

It’s also interesting how the bad guys in this book aren’t actually all that bad, although they do their fair share of bad things. If anything, the main bad guy in this is the one who had it in for Roy Grace and who was out to get him and his family, a story line that took place in tandem with the main story but which wasn’t necessarily a part of it.

The main story, though, basically follows what appears to be a burglary gone wrong in which an old woman is tortured until she’s on the brink of death. They also take all of her art, her antiques and her valuables, leaving Roy Grace stuck trying to track it down in a race across time across Brighton and, later on, elsewhere in the world.



I don’t think that this is Peter James’ best book, but then I’ve read quite a few of them by now and you’re always going to find some books that are better than others in any series. It’s still worth reading though, and while you don’t need to read them all in order if you don’t want to, you will get a little bit more from the story if you do. Not from the crime at the centre of it perhaps, but certainly from the back story. When I read it, there were characters there that I knew would be dead or in jail a few books down the line.

What I will say is that even though I’ve read over a dozen of James’ books (including two 500+ page books in the last couple of weeks), I’m still enjoying them, and I’m probably going to pick up another 600-pager next weekend as I’ll be spending a lot of time travelling. James’ writing is sleek and easy to absorb, and at the same time it’s not intimidating. I don’t read his books and wonder how anyone could have ever written them. I just read them and enjoy them and then look forward to the next one.

So would I recommend this? Of course I would, but I would suggest reading through them in order if you can just so that you don’t spoil yourself for some of the storylines that come in alongside the mysteries. And it was cool that James included references to charities and other organisations that support some of the issues raised.



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David Young – A Darker State | Review

Title: A Darker State

Author: David Young

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 376

Rating: 3.5*/5


David Young - A Darker State

David Young – A Darker State


Disclaimer: While I am to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

This book is the third book in Young’s Karen Muller series and as with the others, it takes place in East Germany during the Cold War and follows the young detective through another adventure. I really loved Stasi Child (the first book) and quite liked Stasi Wolf (the second), and I guess that trend has continued into this one, the third.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. The story was fine, but it just wasn’t as engaging as the others and there was a lot of back story to try to remember. On top of that, the story itself mainly focuses on medical trials on homosexuals and we repeatedly have people’s sexuality revealed as a plot twist. It’s not that it’s handled insensitively or anything, it’s just that I’m not so sure it’s necessary. It seemed as though all of the gay characters were only in it so they could die.

I should clarify here that perhaps it’s just me as a reader and that I’m starting to grow tired of Muller’s world. I feel a little bit as though the worldbuilding that made the first one such a great read has now started to make the stories feel a little claustrophobic. Where the others gripped me and dragged me in, I feel like I just sort of floated through the story without actually being engaged with it.

Still, I am glad that I read it and I imagine I’ll continue with the series when the next books come out. Young has signed on for two more and the next one is supposed to take a darker turn, which should be good. That said, I wouldn’t recommend starting out the series with this one because Stasi Child was fantastic and it’s also the first one in the series. Grab that instead and if you get to this one and you’re still enjoying it then you’ll probably want to grab it anyway.

I just hope that the next one is on par with the first one. Guess we’ll see.


David Young


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