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Richard Branson – Losing My Virginity | Review

Title: Losing My Virginity

Author: Richard Branson

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 520

Rating: 3.75/5

I’ve had this book lying around for a good few years now, but I’ve been putting off picking it up for whatever reason. It’s kind of strange really, because I remember giving the prologue a read back when I picked it up and quite enjoying it, I just never had the momentum to keep going. But that all changed when I had to travel back to Tamworth for a family engagement because it’s something of a tradition of mine for me to pick up my longest unread book.

One of the good things is that it’s actually misleading, because while this is quite long in terms of page count, it has pretty big text and a bunch of photographs in it too. It’s also just generally quite interesting, whether you’re a Branson fan or not. I can’t say that I knew too much about him going into it, but I had heard good things about this book and I knew that he was an interesting chap.

I guess the noteworthy thing here is the market that Branson was aiming for. It’s got a lot to offer just because he had an interesting, action-packed life, especially when it comes to some of his ballooning adventures. It also has a lot to teach you about what it takes to be successful in business, but they’re the kind of insights that you can apply at any kind of job, from a corporate role to self-employment.

I still haven’t made my mind up on what I think about Branson as a person, but I am glad that I know a little more about him. I think I pitched this book just about right because there’s no need to go out of your way to get to it in a rush. If you do see it lying around though, it’s not bad and worth your time. I’d definitely say it’s in the upper half of the “celebrityautobiographies that I’ve read throughout the years, at least in terms of quality.

It was also just a genuinely pleasurable reading experience, something that was nice and easy to absorb while still giving me a few little bits of food for thought. In fact, it basically set my expectations pretty well and then delivered exactly what I was hoping for from it. For a non-fiction memoir, I think that’s almost the best that you can hope for, and this really would have had to have been something quite special for it to stand out to me above all of the other great stuff that I’ve been reading.

This brings us on to the final question that I try to answer in my reviews, which is whether or not I’d recommend it. Honestly, I’d have to say yes, even if you have no particular reason for reading it. There’s a little something for everyone and while it’s not exactly going to hold up to a re-read, it was alright for a one time thing. Check it out, I guess.

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Mike Pender – The Search for Myself | Review

Title: The Search for Myself

Author: Mike Pender

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 274

Rating: 8/10


Mike Pender - The Search for Myself

Mike Pender – The Search for Myself


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

The Search for Myself is essentially the autobiography of Mike Pender, one of the founding members of iconic sixties group The Searchers. Pender has been active in the music industry for 50 odd years, and so you know he’s going to have some good stories, and he really does – in fact, one of the interesting things about this book is that it didn’t necessarily run in chronological order, which allowed Pender to talk at length on subjects that he knows his readers will be interested in, like his collection of signature Rickenbacker guitars.

I read quite a lot of autobiographies, but what stands out about this one is its authenticity – it probably helps that the author was kind enough to sign the book before sending it to me, but Mike just seems like a regular guy, and he tells his story with no hidden agenda. Also, as it’s not being released by one of the large publishers (it’s being published by Genuine Article Books, who I’ve never heard of – sorry!), it means that the book has remained relatively undiluted. It’s a case of whatever the opposite of too many cooks spoiling the broth is – the book has been allowed to breathe.

I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of The Searchers – I just knew who they were and liked a few songs. But you don’t have to be a massive fan to enjoy the book.


Mike Pender

Mike Pender


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