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S. H. Jucha – Meridien | Review

Title: Meridien

Author: S. H. Jucha

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 398

Rating: 9/10


S. H. Jucha - Meridien

S. H. Jucha – Meridien


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a big fan of this series so far – in fact, this is the third book, and the latest one at the time of writing. I enjoyed the first one so much that the publisher offered to send me the follow-ups, and I hastily agreed.

It’s hard to know how much to tell you about the story line, here – I can give you a few hints without spoiling this book, but it might spoil the earlier ones if you haven’t read them yet. All I’m going to say is that Alex Racine finds himself being promoted again, and he tries to establish a society with all of the independents that he’s collected throughout his travels.

The silver ships are back, as well – here, we discover what they are, and how they operate, and we’re introduced to two new alien races. And guess what – they’re not necessarily friendly. I’ve always been impressed with the way in which Jucha’s incredible universe seems to be alive with detail, and his new species are easily believable and add an extra dimension to the story line.


S. H. Jucha

S. H. Jucha


Even three books in, I still find myself looking forward to the next one, and it’s starting to feel as though Jucha could keep this up indefinitely – I can’t help wondering how many books he has planned out, because the story line just keeps on developing over time. It doesn’t feel like he’s closing up the loops – if anything, he’s creating more and more opportunity for more story lines, and I look forward to reading more about what happens to Alex and his followers.

So overall, I’d definitely recommend reading Meridien, although I would also say that you should read the rest of the books in order first, so that you understand what’s happening. One of the interesting things about this series is the way in which each book takes you deeper and deeper in – it’s not like the Discworld series, where you can hop in and out of it at random. But that’s a good thing – it keeps it interesting, and makes readers wait for the next book with bated breath. I look forward to it!


The Silver Ships Promo

The Silver Ships Promo


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S. H. Jucha – Libre | Review

Title: Libre

Author: S. H. Jucha

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 306

Rating: 8/10


S. H. Jucha - Libre

S. H. Jucha – Libre


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

Libre is the second book in S. H. Jucha’s Silver Ships series, and it’s a cracking sequel to a book that I have a lot of love for. People have complained in reviews of Jucha’s work that there isn’t enough action, but that’s not true – whilst in this book, for example, he spends a lot more time writing about war preparations and evacuation plans than on any particular battles, I find that to be refreshingly different. It’s one of the hallmarks of Jucha’s work, and it works well.

I can’t say too much about what happens in this book without risking giving away the story line, but I can say that it was a great plot with plenty of character development, and Alex Racine is forced to make some difficult choices. But that’s the price that you have to pay if you end up as the bridge between two different species when they’re under threat from an alien race. We also get to meet a lot of new characters here, including a bunch of new SADEs, which is notable because in the first book, we only got to meet one of them. SADEs are effectively giant supercomputers which are installed inside spacecraft, and I’m pleased to report that there was even a SADE called Dane!

Libre was a lot of fun, and I have the third book in the series to get stuck into, too. I can’t wait to get started on it and I’ll report back to let you know what I think, but I can tell you that the ending of Libre has left me feeling excited. Good stuff!


S. H. Jucha

S. H. Jucha


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