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John Holt

Published on 13th December 2014 by in Poetry

is dead

and I could cry,

I fell in love with his music

two weeks ago

and he’s been taken away



And Tommy Ramone is dead

and John Holt died too young

aged 69 still fresh,

and there ain’t no age to die for,

Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix,

Kurt Cobain,

too young,

too young,

too young.



music is immortal,

the closest thing to ghosts

and baby,

I’mma need you,

music is immortal

and as long as I live

it lives within me,

my veins bleed octaves

and when I play guitar

it’s the devils.


Holt is the new chord,

the new hope,

the new chemical;

turned on

all the time.

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