On Keeping Your Chin Up

Sometimes life can be difficult. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I struggle with anxiety and depression, and I guess that’s what I’m referring to in some ways. After all, my mental health hasn’t exactly been at its best over the last few months, but then it hasn’t been at its worst, either. It’s just been that everything else seems to have come along at the same time.

Part of it comes down to work, because I’ve gone from not having much work on to having so much work that I can’t stay on top of it all. I used to worry about money, but now I don’t. Now I just wonder how I’m going to meet all of my deadlines.

I’ve also been thinking about health a lot. Someone close to me was recently hospitalised and there was also a funeral in my extended family. It made me more aware of my own mortality, and it also made me more aware of everyone else’s.

But I’m doing okay and I’m keeping my chin up. I get stressed when I can’t do anything, and I’ve never been good at accepting the things I can’t change. But I’ve been getting better at it, and at the same time I’ve been trying to solve a few problems that have been plaguing me (like my lack of proper sleep). I’m trying to be optimistic. I’m keeping my chin up.

Plus the good news is that I’ve been getting lots of work done and loads of writing done. In fact, I’m off to crack on with my current work-in-progress right now. Wish me luck with that.

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