On Hatching Plans and Finding Time

Does anyone else ever feel as though the older they get, the more shit they have to do? I use Wunderlist (#notspon) to keep track of all of the stuff that I have to do, but there’s so much stuff that I have to do every day or every two to three days that it feels as though I never actually finish anything.

For me, that covers everything from the housework and the stuff I have to do for the cat to the little things like updating my journal, reviewing any books that I’ve read and doing whatever else. I have to keep on top of my actual work as well, which doesn’t always follow set hours and which therefore can easily cut into my “personal” time.

Then with all of that stuff out of the way, there’s also the fact that I have (a bit of) a social life, driving lessons twice a week and various other commitments, it does sometimes feel as though there just isn’t enough time to even stay on top of things. Forget about being proactive.

That’s kind of why a few of my projects kind of stalled recently, although I’m starting to get it all back on track. I’ve also been making some plans for the future which may or may not pan out, but I think I have some pretty good ideas and I’m looking forward to developing them some more and potentially putting them into action. And that’s all I’m going to tease you with for now.

In the meantime, I was wondering how you guys balance your time and whether you have any tips for me. Be sure to let me know in the comments or to drop me a line on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts. I’ll speak to you soon!

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