On Being the Best You Can Be

2018 has been a year of self-improvement for me. I quit smoking, adopted a plant-based diet and started walking up and down the hill each day to get into shape. I’ve also started loosening up a little bit and spending more time doing nothing, which might sound counterproductive but which seems to be helping with my mental health.

It’s something that I’m making a concentrated effort to do. I want to improve both my physical health and my mental health, but I also want to continue to improve my mind by learning as much as I can. That’s why I’m getting into cooking, but it’s also why I’ve bought a tie-dye kit and why I’m looking forward to one day living somewhere with a garden.

I’ve always been pretty driven to accomplish the things I set my mind to, but I think I’ve spent most of my life so far focusing exclusively on my writing. Now that I’m getting a little older, I’ve realised that if I spend some time taking care of my health, I’ll be able to write for longer anyway, and I’ll be happier while doing it too.

As part of all of this, I’m trying new things and doing my best to open myself up to new experiences, even if I don’t think I’ll like them. But I’m also trying to change the way I think a little bit by focusing more on the positives and less on the negatives. Part of this is because of a client I’m working with who I’m learning from at the same time as I’m writing for them. But part of it is just way overdue.

Being the best you can be doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to make the effort. If you can discipline yourself enough and you know what you want to do, you can do it. It might sound simple, but it still took me 29 years to realise it. Don’t laugh.

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