My Birthday!

Hi, folks! Today, I wanted to take a little time to let you know what I got up to on my birthday. I turned 29 on June 11th 2018, but most of what you’re about to read about took place on the 10th, because that was a Sunday.

I made the decision several weeks ago to vegan (after being a vegetarian for nearly thirteen years), and so Becca said that she’d like to take me to a vegan restaurant to celebrate. We’d heard good things about The Temple of Seitan in Camden and so we decided to go there, although it’s more of a lunch place than a dinner place as it closes at 6 PM.

We were in kind of a rush to get there because we had plans for afterwards, but we managed to make it in time and I can confirm that the food was delicious. I had the Temple Spicy Burger (fillet, chipotle mayo, coleslaw, cheese, jalapenos, sriracha) and Becca had the Temple Burger (fillet, ranch mayo, bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickles), so we sat outside in the sunshine to enjoy them before moving on to the next step.

That’s because we figured if we were going to take the time to travel into London, we might as well make sure that we were making the most of it. Becca basically gave me carte blanche to pick out anything that I wanted to do, and I figured that what I really wanted to do was to check out a play.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a play, and most of them have been Shakespeare plays at The Globe, although I did see a great adaptation of Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana at a theatre in Richmond. I didn’t fancy Shakespeare though, so instead I just Googled “Agatha Christie plays London”. I was in luck.

Turns out that there’s a run of Witness for the Prosecution at the London Theatre, so we went along to check that out. It was boiling inside the theatre and we only just made it in time, but for £12 per ticket it was phenomenal. We both really enjoyed it, and it’s made me want to go and see more Agatha Christie plays. There’s a reason she’s one of my favourite authors.

That’s about it for my birthday, but that’s not to say that it’s the last thing I wanted to mention. I also wanted to mention the gift I got from Becca, who was kind enough to double check with me before she got me something. She asked if I needed any books and what I came up with was the Vintage Minis box set, which is absolutely beautiful.

I also got a couple of Amazon vouchers, one from my mum and one from my dad. I put the two of them together and used them to buy myself the Penguin black classics box set as well, which makes me happy. When that arrives, I can add it to my other two box sets and get them all on display. How exciting!

So yeah, I think that’s it for another birthday. I’ve got one more year of my twenties to enjoy and then I’m in my thirties, which is kind of scary. But I’m feeling optimistic about the weeks and months to come and I guess we’ll see how it goes. Keep in touch and give me a follow on Facebook and Twitter for further updates and stuff. I’ll see you soon!

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