Hi, folks! Okay, so it’s been a little while since I’ve written an update about my books and stuff, but I have a little bit of book news to share and so let’s just jump straight in.

The first thing to talk about is Driven, the first book in the Leipfold series. I released Driven independently earlier this year, and I’m pleased to announce that it’s been picked up for publication by a company called Encircle Publications.

Encircle started out as a specialist publisher of poetry books before branching out into mystery fiction, which is interesting because I suppose it follows my own development as a writer. It’s still early days and so I can’t tell you too much about what’s happening, but if you keep your eyes peeled then I’ll update you as much as possible. And in the meantime, of course, it means that the rest of the series is on hold (but still going through editing) until I’ve figured out what comes next.


Dane Cobain - Driven

Dane Cobain – Driven


The other news is that a book that I’ve been helping a client with is now out and available in both paperback and ebook formats, with a hardback edition on its way too. The book is called The Future of Healthcare: Humans and Machines Partnering for Better Outcomes by Emmanuel Fombu MD and you can check it out on Amazon here.

I worked alongside Fombu as an editor on the project, which is his first non-fiction book, and we’re both super excited to be able to share it with the world. I also helped Emmanuel to find a cover designer, who in this case is the very talented Sean Strong. The book has been in the making for over a year.

We’ve done some work on a hardback version of the book, too, but that’s not quite ready for public consumption at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled though, and don’t be surprised if Fombu follows it up with an audio book, a hardback and even a sequel.


Emmanuel Fombu - The Future of Healthcare

Emmanuel Fombu – The Future of Healthcare


I have some other stuff going on behind the scenes, but I can’t talk about it all at the moment and I don’t want to keep you too long and so I guess we’ll leave that until next time.

In the meantime, thanks as always for stopping by and be sure to give me a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for further updates. You can also check out all of my books, including the current version of Driven, on Amazon by clicking here. I’ll see you soon!

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