A Twitter Cleanup

Hi, folks! So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks going on a Twitter cleanup, unfollowing accounts that I no longer have any interest in. I’ve had my Twitter account for close to ten years and there are people on there that I don’t even know.

It’s actually something that I recently did on Instagram, too. When you follow so many people that you can’t even remember who they are, it’s difficult to actually get any use out of it. That was certainly the case for my Instagram account, which I’d pretty much stopped using because of it.

The way that I use Twitter has evolved throughout the years, and so unfollowing the irrelevant accounts will hopefully make it all much more fun, both for myself and for the people that I follow. At the same time, though, I know that there are people who’ll notice that I’ve unfollowed them and who will take it personally. Sorry about that.





Ultimately, clearing my feeds is good for my mental health, and so I decided to put that first. If you think I’ve unfollowed you by accident (that also happens) then feel free to tweet me and I’ll see about fixing it.

And so on that note, I’m going to go and head off and unfollow some more people, because I still have more work to do. The good news is that I’m already actually enjoying using Twitter, at least most of the time, which is almost unheard of. For the last ten years, it’s just been something that I’ve had to use for work.

In the meantime, feel free to give me a follow if you fancy it, and you can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, among other social networking sites. You can also check out my books here for further info. I’ll see you soon.

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