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Take Control

Published on 26th August 2016 by in Poetry

Take control of the life you hold,
your mind is a chemical weapon.

You will be the light of a distant sunrise,
climbing high and falling down to earth again.

You will be the patience of the ancients
waiting graceful, grateful and faithful.

All your plans and schemes have their meanings,
and it’s not easy to build a new infinity.

How do you make your money?
Or does it come to you like a nightmare?

Sometimes I see sense and disconnect,
but the internet is a friend I can rely on.

Sometimes I feel like a robot
and spray my arms with WD40.

Sometimes my bones ache and creak
and I can’t help predicting a thunderstorm.

Sometimes I’m failed by words like a nervous burglar
and then I try to keep a low profile.

I’m backwards anyway;
I put my top on the wrong way round.

I took control of the life I hold,
and now I’m retired from the gathering cold.

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