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Love Poem for a New Computer

Published on 31st December 2016 by in Poetry

my dear,
are a thing
of beauty.

I mean,
get a load of those countours;
you are amazing,
16 gigabytes of RAM,
ultra-fast processor,
triple screen capabilities
and holy moly,
I’d like to dip your LEDs
in maple syrup.

I haven’t even
met you.

The stories we’ll tell –
my god,
the work we’ll do.

I know you don’t have feelings,
but I’ve got enough
for both of us.

I shall name you
so you can be Jane Cobain,
my little mainframe.

Dear God,
you’ve got more ports
than Portsmouth;
open wide
and get your trays out,
I’ve got a big ol’ disk
to put into you.

I see your software;
you remind me of me
when I was younger.

And with your twin-speed
interior fans
with the built-in ventilation
and automation,
you make me wish
I was as cool as you.

Now let the race begin
to obsoletion;
I wonder
who’ll get there

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